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Wes Borland - Guitar Player Of Limp Bizkit

Wes Borland
Name: Wes Borland
Full Name: Wesley Louden Borland
Place / Date of Birth: Nashville, Tennessee / 7 February 1975
Official website:
Game Style: Hip Metal, Nu Metal
Previous group Band: Limp Bizkit
Group Band now: Eat The Day, Bigdumbface
Musical influences: Metallica, Minor Threat, Circle jerks, Black Flag, and Testament
Guitar: Ibanez UV7, Ibanez RG7421 7 string, Ibanez 7221 7 string ax, ax-4 Ibanez custom, Ibanez S series custom Saber
Effects: Boss RV-5, Boss RV-3, Advance Boss EQ, Boss NS-2, Digitech XP300, DOD FX25,
Ampli: Mesa Boogie, Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus
Chord: Dean Markley

Wes Borland was a guitarist who most favorite by young people in the United States to two this millennium. His career with the Limp Bizkit who toss their name as one of the adjacent frontman Fred Durst. With makeup on, such as skeleton, making it one of the trend for the center metal in the music industry 2000an years.

Wes obtain first guitar at age 12 years. But initially he prefers drum. But her parents forbade Wes hard to learn drums. First learning the guitar, he was given training by the music-blues and country music. But Wes is very small hate a country music that is too excessive. He even fall in love on the music group metal that it was rule the music world, Metallica.

Not long after, Wes moved to Florida with his family. Talent his guitar start playing like when he is able to show the lessons from the guitar teacher at that time. Please note that, at that time Wes has 2 teachers, one expert guitar rock, blues, country, and while that one expert classical guitar. But Wes finally decided to learn jazz rather than classical guitar. Finally, he was deep into jazz guitar for 3 years.

Times the SMA is important for him. At that time he was in school in the Hillsboro High School, Nashville. At the school he is always fighting and making-up to the problem itself was named "crank." Therefore, it is not favored and rarely have friends. After graduating high school he worked in several pubs and cafes as Bartender. There he first heard about the Limp Bizkit of a visitor who is a bar bassis Limp Bizkit, Sam Rivers. Not long after he was officially joining as Limp Bizkit guitarist. Together with new band he began playing in several pubs with The Deftones. Comport with the type of music hip metal quickly get their own fans. Then Wes Borland cs start making demo recordings that eventually fell to producer Ross Robinson. In 1998, Limp Bizkit start the release of the album titled Three Dollar Bill Y'all. Make into a long number with the property of George Michael, entitled Faith Yang recyclables with their own style. This album is surprisingly successful in occupying the position of 22 Billboard charts. Limp Bizkit started a series of tours in the United States and their names have been used as the new Metallica.

In the same year on 10 April, Wes married Heather McMilian and immediately gave him inspiration to create a new album with the band. In 1999 Limp Bizkit album to released-two Others who called it this time far more successful from the first album with the peak position successfully occupied Billboard Charts with hits single throw Nookie. Consequence of this success is the start The growth bands that bring new types of music hip metal. The name is Wes Borland started get public attention because it has a style that make up a little creative with the style adapt Gambit, cartoon figures in the X-Men. He was chosen by young people in the United States as the most favorite guitarist that year. Actually nothing too special for the game guitar album in the Wes-Limp Bizkit album. For the game is very minimal because the demands of the age that makes it so.

October 17, 2000, Limp Bizkit released third album with titled Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog flavored water. This album put 3 hits single, entitled My Generation, Rollin ', and Take a Look Around. This album quickly became champion again in the Billboard charts. A year later merelease Limp Bizkit album that contains some old songs that recyclables. This is the last appearance with the Limp Bizkit Wes, and Wes decided because exit. He did not agree with the concept of music such as Limp Bizkit, very boring. He wanted a change type of music. He wanted a band like Metallica or Radiohead. He also began to form a new band called Eat The Day. But he has not yet vocalis. He also spread the invitation on the Internet to audition for the band vocalis. News was it a scene in the metal music.

2001 Wes establish a project called Big Dumb Face. However, album sales not as successful as he was still during the Limp Bizkit first. According to him, Big Dumb Face is just a change project and its focus remains on Eat The Day. However, in 2005, Wes Borland joined again with Limp Bizkit and released the album The Best of the fruit diselingi 3 new songs. Although released album The Best, according to Wes itself this is not the signs of the end of history Limp Bizkit. This is a new beginning for a new beginning.

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