Sunday, May 3, 2009

Adam Dutkiewitz

Full Name: Adam Dutkiewitz
Band: Killswitch Engage
Official website:
Newest albums (8-2005): The End Of Heartache (Soundtrack: Resident Evil 2)
Group Band Previous: AFTERSHOCK
Gear: Guitars Caparison Dellinger, Mesa Boogie Dual Rec Heads and 4x12 angled cabs, Seinheizer EM500 Wireless guitar systems, Line 6 Gear, Framus Amplifier
Influence: Pantera, Arch Enemy, In Flames
Living Places: Massachusset
Expertise: Rhythm, Song Writing & Composing.

Adam Dutkiewitz including one secret weapon in the metal band that is being increased at this time leaves Engage KILLSWITCH. Games and choosing the guitar sound that is quite good with Joel Stroetzel create Killswitch Engage increasingly known in the world.

Because the opportunity to study and graduated from the University of Berkeley in the album "Alive Or Just Breathing" Adam acted as producer as well as the drummer in the album. However, if we listen to their latest album "The End Of Heartache", Adam shows the maturity and the maturity in the play, making the composition and selection of sound that's much better than the previous album.
Adam Dutkiewitz
With Adam and the band Killswitch Engage has been proved that metal music is not always contain the lyrics, the lyrics sound grim or loud and there is no harmony or melody, such as metal bands preceding.

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