Sunday, May 17, 2009

WARREN DEMARTINI - "One of the top guitarist of the era 80-an"

Original Name: Justin Demartini
Nick Name: Warren Demartini
Speed: Torch
Place / Date of birth: April 10, 1963 in Chicago, IL
Inspirational Musicians: Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Billy Gibbons, Uli Roth, Jan Jackerman, Joe Walsh, Joe Perry, Miles Davis, Randy Rhoads .... Darrel Kinney
The band at this time: Ratt
Band experience: The plague, and Enforcer Aircraft (now High school band, Whitesnake on the'94 tour: Russia, Europe, Asia, Australia

Demartini originally interested in rock music because one sister is the band. His mother buy a guitar at the age of seven new years. And he destroyed one of the guitar imitating the style of Who guitarist Pete Townsend while appearing live on TV. Age 15 yr when he returned the money to buy the guitar from da Christmas gifts he also buy books to learn the guitar lesson basic guitar and basic guitar techniques. He formed a band called plague. In 1979 he was the first time at the main stage, a high school with local bands. When the game directly to make his name famous throughout the San diego as a new young talented guitarist.

After that he joined the Mickey Ratt (Ratt vocalist) and formed the band called The Ratt position where it replaces friends Jack E. Lee is a guitarist out Ozzy Ozzbourne band.

In addition he is still with Ratt is still out solo album until now. Together with friends robbin Crosby Ratt guitarist who died have died, he was nominated in the incoming guitar Hero style game with the best and unique this century by a guitar magazine world.

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