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ZAKK WYLDE Guitar Player

"A favorite Metal guitarist in the United States"

Original name : Jeffery Philip Wielandt
Place / Date of Birth: New Jersey / 14 January 1967
Game Style : Metal
Group Band now : Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne
Musical influences : Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, AC / DC, Motor Head, Lynird Skynird
Favorite guitarist : Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee
The Used Guitar : Gibson Les Paul signature zakk Wylde
Effects : Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Wah, Dunlop RotoVibe, MXR zw-44 Dunlop Overdrive, MXR M-134 Stereo Chorus, MXR EVH Phase 90, Boss OC-2 Octaver
Ampli : Marshall JCM 800, 2 Marshall 1960B cabinets
Zakk Wykde
is a guitar tune by the many young people the United States. One of the many metal guitarist guitarist Conference-metal guitarist in the next generation. She started to become famous ever since Ozzy Osbourne guitarist. Since that time until now sosoknya often decorate the cover of front-cover music magazines, especially metal.

Zakk play the course since the start age of 8 years. Originally it was called as the regular Flip, is plesetan middle of the name, Philip. But then he does not go out and learn more music. New age of 14 years when he started studying music again and even had time to also study classical guitar. Several years later he formed the first band Stone Henge in 1984. In this band he played songs from Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Rush.

After finishing high school, he joined the new band called Zyris. Since the start this is the band entered the stage name he Zakari Wyland. Such as the band is still there, in this new band still play songs from Black Sabbath and Led Zeppeline. Together with this band he also never appear in the Stone Pony event that had been successful the name Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi.

Three years later he saw in television that Ozzy Osbourne are looking for a guitarist who has not become popular for gitarisnya. Zakk is very interested, but he was accompanying replace Ozzy and Randy Rhoads or Jake E. Lee is only a fantasy. Akan but when he is showing in a concert, a rock photographer and see the game zakk zakk urged that the audition is held by Ozzy Osbourne. Zakk eventually send a demo tape to the game gitarnya Ozzy Osbourne. After that he was doing immediately before the Ozzy audition. He played some Ozzy songs and classical songs. In fact the godfather Heavy Metal is directly interested in the zakk. He was immediately interesting as zakk gitarisnya replace lead guitarist-terdahulunya the guitarist Randy Rhoads and Jake E. Lee is also a guitarist zakk own idol.

That year also zakk directly into the kitchen recording an album for the recording Ozzy Osbourne, No Rest for the Wicked. Should be noted that, at that time age zakk not even 20 years old alias new age of 19 years. When joined with Ozzy this is zakk given the last name "Wylde '. Ozzy Osbourne zakk was officially introduced to the public as the new guitarist in the Hard Rock Café, New York, on 15 December 1987. Heavy metal world that had lost Randy Rhoads, now get a successor. Zakk Wylde quickly immediately become idol-idol-music listener heavy metal music, particularly in the United States.

Zakk also present in the Moscow Peace Festival which also participated in the bands on board, such as Skid Row, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, and Scorpions. Two years later zakk again enter the kitchen to finish recording the album No More Tears. Many observers rate, this album is the best album with Ozzy Osbourne zakk. He shows the game solo in the song Mr. Tinkertrain and Mama, I'm Coming Home. Zakk style changes quite a lot of experience from the album No More Tears are a lot of influence of Randy Rhoads.

1992, formed the band called zakk Lynird Skinhead. This band play songs Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Bros., ZZ Top, and Mountain. It also can play a few songs classic rock. Zakk Farm Fiddlin track record and then appear in the album Guitars That Rule The World Vol.1. Then he change the name of a band 'Pride & Glory' as the name Lynird Skinhead too felt very similar to the name of the group leendaris Lynird Skynyrd.

In 1995, Ozzy Osbourne had a previous vacuum cleaner from the world of music, decided to rise up and call back zakk. Given the title of the latest album Ozzmosis. In this album also appear one song written by Steve Vai, entitled My Little Man.

Next three years, zakk formed a new band called Hell's Kitchen, which then turns into Black Label Society. The first album with Black Label Society is named Sonic Brewery. Together with this new band and the wave zakk Wylde.

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  1. Nice post on Zakk Wylde....

    While I do love the JCM 800s that Zakk uses (smoking LOUD old tube amps), I did just do a post on the Zakk Wylde custom microstack that Marshall made for him.