Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tips for Learning How to Play Guitar and Bass for Beginners from the Basic Plus Stem Guitar

Having a hobby music taste is not complete if can not play musical instruments such as the famous guitar that a friend escort can be any type of song in the world and akherat. Learning to play guitar originally indeed difficult and sometimes create stress that people learn.

To learn bass guitar you should learn first, karea who can play the guitar can automatically play bass, but if you can not play the bass guitar can be automated. And the key tone on the bass guitar is not much different on the guitar, so it's good if you learn the basic key guitar first. In addition, you can save money, because they do not need to buy a bass, guitar, but enough kopong that is cheap enough.

To play the guitar you have to be ready to feel a little pain in the left side of your fingertips, because it will be used to press the strings to make the formation of the key guitar. Sometimes have to make our fingertips become callous and flex the finger at both left and right hands. To get something you have to give up something, it is the law of chemical and economic fair and normal.

If you plan for the course you should not take the course before the basic techniques to control the tempo of the song, key and basic guitar shuffle gonjreng on the guitar. If you do not control things that you will only memperlama the course you will spend the money.

To save money you can learn on friends, relatives or neighbors that you know well and can barmain guitar. If that can not play the guitar so you must learn self-taught alias own learning.

Needed to learn basic guitar alone:
- Guitar kopong what can and can lisrik
- Books or magazines songs that are key gitarnya and instructions key guitar
- Tapes, CDs or MP3 songs in the songbook
- The ability to tune the guitar or stem

To start the exercise you should tune your guitar sound that first 6 guitar strings can be harmonious and appropriate. Distem If not then you will not be able to learn, because the vote might not pass. To stem the guitar you can ask for help or other people with their own stem instinct. To stem the guitar you can find a guidebook to play guitar at the bookstore.

If you want to stem their own, then how is the fret equates to 5 a chord with one chord at the fret below 0. Unless the strings from the bottom of the third barus distem to fret in the 4 with fret 0 in the second from the bottom chord. You must use Filing whether you fret with the sound of a fret at the same voice. If you do not play the same turn-of voltage on the tip of the guitar strings to pass.

If you are OK, then you try to stay on key gonjreng standard to your finger you familiar with the position of each key. Then try to open the book songs, which are key gitarnya, and then try to follow the change of key to lock the tempo in accordance with the original as possible, based on your Filing.

If you can then you can try to play together with the voice tapes or the actual song. But going on steman is your guitar steman accordance with the cassette and the key song in the book or magazine is also true that in accordance with the tapes and your guitar.

If you have quite smoothly you can continue to own innovation courses or learn things from other books mapun contact you. If you have control you can establish your own band together with other people who can play other musical instruments. Congratulations and good luck to learn:)


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  7. Thanks to this post, I really learned so manythings from it. I hope you also have your tips on how to play congos because its also one of my favorite music instrument.

    Thansk by the way.