Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guitar Ibanez Sam Totman

There has never been a double guitar attack like the dual-shredding mayhem that is Dragonforce’s Herman Li and Sam Totman. These two virtuosos rip it up with outrageously fast, harmonized leads that leave their rabid fans screaming for more and guitar aficionados with their mouths agape.

Ibanez is proud to present the new Herman Li Signature EGEN1TVF and the new Sam Totman Signature STM1WH, two guitars that sound as wicked as they look. Look for Herman and Sam to be raging away on these axes as Dragonforce continues its run for world domination.
  • Sam Totman's Signature Iceman-shaped STM1WH features an Edge III tremelo. DiMarzio® Evolution® pickups and a 24-fret, 5-piece STM maple/walnut Wizard II thru-neck.

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