Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guitar Ibanez PAUL GILBERT

he RG-shaped Ibanez Signature PGM is built for the super-sonic fret travel that has made virtuoso Paul Gilbert famous throughout the known universe. With its painted F-holes, reverse headstock and brilliant White finish, the PGM is a bright star in the black sky, shining down rays of crackling , electric notes, too fast to count, too bright to look at.

"When it comes down to playing a straight, no-nonsense, face-melting shred guitar solo, I go straight to my PGM301. It is the easiest guitar to play in my whole collection, and still has the best balance of picking clarity and percussive thickness."--Paul Gilbert

  • 24-fret PGM Prestige neck is 2mm thicker than our super-thin Wizard necks.
  • Paul’s specific choice of different DiMarzio pickups, HSH configuration and 5-way switching offers the multitude of tones required for his mastery of both speed and style.
  • Paul's signature painted F-holes.
  • Thru-body stringing on PGM301 provides tighter string tension and strong sustain.

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